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Why You Can't Afford to Ride Without a Camera on Your Helmet

If you're a motorcycle rider you may be considering using a helmet-mounted camera like a GoPro. While these cameras are great for capturing footage of your adventures, they also serve a crucial purpose in protecting your rights in the event of a crash. Here are 5 reasons why you should mount a camera on your helmet immediately:

  1. The footage is admissible in court as evidence. In the event of a crash, having video footage of the incident can be crucial in backing up your story and proving your innocence.
  2. It proves fault and negligence. In a motorcycle accident, proving who is at fault can be difficult. With video footage, you can clearly show exactly what happened and who is to blame.
  3. You're protected in cases of road rage. If someone becomes aggressive towards you on the road, having video footage of the incident can help protect you and prove your case.
  4. The shock value of the footage may help your case. Showing the reality of a crash can be powerful in convincing others of the severity of your injuries and the validity of your case.
  5. You can capture more data than you think. Some helmet cameras can record speed and other information, providing even more evidence in the event of a crash.

Don't take chances on the road - protect yourself with a helmet-mounted camera today.

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