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Step 1.

Test the placement of your Chin Mount. Make sure the Chin Mount sits flush with your helmet. We recommend attaching your action camera to the Chin Mount so you can get an idea how it will sit on your helmet.

Step 2.

Using the provided alcohol wipe, wipe down the application area and let the alcohol dry up.

Step 3.

Peel back the VHB adhesive and heat up the adhesive with a blow dryer or a heat gun so it is warm (NOT HOT). Apply pressure evenly across the Chin Mount for 30-60 seconds when installing your Chin Mount.

 Sometimes it's possible for small gaps to appear in between the 3M adhesive and the helmet. This is caused by improper placement or not enough pressure used when applying the Chin Mount. To solve this we recommend heating up the area with a blow dryer or heat gun on low heat and applying pressure onto the Chin Mount again. Repeat until the gap goes away.

Step 4.

Let the 3M adhesive bond with your helmets surface for a MINIMUM OF 24 HOURS.  The 3M adhesive needs time to cure properly, DO NOT attach your action camera right away. After 24 hours has gone by you'll want to make sure everything is secure. Test the Chin Mount over a soft surface (bed or couch) with your camera attached to make sure the Chin Mount will not come loose when going for a ride. 

If you need any help installing your new Chin Mount, please do not hesitate to reach out. A customer service representative will be more than happy to assist you.