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A Beginner’s Guide to Filming Motorcycle Trips

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Sharing and recording your motorcycle riding adventure has never been easier. With Facebook, Instagram Stories, and YouTube, there are now plenty of ways you can share your motorcycle ride with friends, family, and like-minded riders around the world.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how you can make the best videos with a chin mount for your motorcycle helmet

Your Starting Guide to Filming Your Motorcycle Trips.

What Gear You Need:

In order to film your motorcycle adventure, you’ll want to get the required gear. Luckily, you’ll only need two items:  

An Action Camera

Your action camera is the first piece of equipment you needA GoPro, Insta360, or any other action camera is the best tool if you want to attach your camera to your motorcycle helmet for amazing road shots. 

Chin Mount

Your Chin Mount will ensure that your action camera helps you capture the best POV footage of your ride.

Our Chin Mounts are designed to be helmet specific. No more messing around with a bunch of sketchy setups to get the footage you desire. Simply clean your helmet and attach your Chin Mount and start filming your rides. 

Why a Chin Mount?

Not all motorcycle helmet mounts are created equal. There are a lot of options for motorcycle mounts available on the market — but don’t let this overwhelm you.

With this list of important features, you'll see why we offer the best motorcycle helmet chin mounts for your needs:

Helmet Specific

Most people attach their helmet mounts in a place where it’s the flattest mounting point, this usually results in a poor video experience. Depending on where it's mounted, you’ll have to experiment to find the right angle where you can see what you’re recording.

Our Chin Mounts are designed to be helmet specific, meaning the fitment will always be perfect for your helmet. In order to get the perfect angle, you may want to consider an attachment that has enough adjustability to enable you to move it to any angle. Our Low Profile Buckle Mount Attachment offers lots of adjustability to get the camera angle you desire.

Ease of Use

Your motorcycle helmet Chin Mount should be easy to install. Our action camera Chin Mounts only require four steps to install them correctly. 

First, you want to test the placement of your Chin Mount. Make sure the Chin Mount sits flush with your helmet. We recommend attaching your action camera to the Chin Mount so you can get an idea how it will sit on your helmet.

Then, using the provided alcohol wipe, wipe down the application area and let the alcohol dry up.

After that you'll want to peel back the VHB adhesive and heat up the adhesive with a blow dryer or a heat gun so it is warm (NOT HOT). Apply pressure evenly across the Chin Mount for 30-60 seconds when installing your Chin Mount.

Lastly, you want to let the 3M adhesive bond with your helmet’s surface for a MINIMUM OF 24 HOURS. The 3M adhesive needs time to cure properly, DO NOT attach your action camera right away. After 24 hours has gone by you'll want to make sure everything is secure. Test the Chin Mount over a soft surface (bed or couch) with your camera attached to make sure the Chin Mount will not come loose when going for a ride.

There are a variety of mounts available for dozens of different motorcycle helmets and brands, all of which can be installed onto your motorcycle helmet in just a few minutes. 


Accessibility and original helmet functionality is especially important and needs to be tested before you record. If you don’t get the right mount for your helmet make and model, you might accidentally cover your vents or block your visor from opening.

Your Chin Mount should hold your action camera without covering up any of these crucial areas. Luckily, this is not an issue with our Chin Mounts as we develop them to make sure your visor and all vents remain fully functional.


No matter where you are, you’ll want a motorcycle helmet mount that can ensure the safety of your action camera and  film every moment of your ride. For rugged terrain, you’ll want a motorcycle mount that’s heavy-duty and secure. All of our Chin Mounts used a weather resistant 3M VHB TAPE to create a strong bond with your helmets surface. We also include a FREE Safety Tether with the purchase of ANY Chin Mount. It's virtually impossible to lose your expensive action camera with our Chin Mount setup!

Editing Process

If you’re going to capture every moment of your motorcycle travel, consider shortening some of the videos so that you can share it with your friends and family around the world. If you recorded a beautiful sunset or an action packed scene, make sure to include it so that people see more than just long travel videos. 

During the editing process, feel free to mute the video and replace the audio with music to further enhance the audience's experience. By choosing a great background song that fits the mood of your ride, your friends and family can feel like they were with you on your riding adventure. 

Check out Chin Mounts' selection of motorcycle action camera helmet mounts by visiting our website! 

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