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How to tether your GoPro

How to tether your GoPro

Losing your GoPro is devastating.  Not only are you out the money you spent to buy the camera, but you also lose any memories you captured on the card lost with it.  

Tethering your GoPro is a common recommendation, but some camera housing have tether points, and others don't!   Today's guide is all about how to tether you GoPro, even when the camera doesn't have a tether point. 

Obviously, the first thing you’ll need here is something to use as a tether. In a pinch, a shoelace, piece of string, or even fishing line can work just fine, but if you need something a little more purpose-made, we sell a pack of 5 tethers with 5 adhesive anchor point for pretty cheap. 

If your mount happens to fail on you the GoPro will be saved. Simply tether your GoPro to the camera housing's backdoor and place the adhesive anchor on your helmet. 

Now that your GoPro is tethered to your helmet, you have a safe a secure set up. It's time to go out and record the action!

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