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Shoei Unveils the Next Evolution in Motorcycle Helmets: Neotec 3 and GT-Air 3


Shoei Introduces the Latest Advancements in Motorcycle Helmets: Meet Neotec 3 and GT-Air 3

Shoei, the renowned name in motorcycle helmets, is raising the bar with the introduction of two exciting new models: the Neotec 3 and GT-Air 3. These helmets represent the third generation in their respective lines and come with significant enhancements, most notably in the realm of ventilation.

The Neotec 3: Elevating Modular Helmet Design

The Neotec 3 is Shoei's latest offering in the world of modular helmets. It meets the rigorous ECE 22.06 safety standards, both with the chin bar raised and lowered, offering versatility and peace of mind. This helmet boasts a range of features, including an internal sun visor, an all-day comfort liner, and an integrated communication system.

One of the standout upgrades in this third-generation model is the external visor. The CNS-3C Visor incorporates a central locking system and provides an improved airtight seal compared to its predecessors. The reduced gap between the face cover and the main shell minimizes unwanted airflow when the front is closed.

Inside the Neotec 3, the cheek pads have been redesigned to reduce noise, thanks to the addition of the 'noise isolator.' The micro ratchet chinstrap has also been given a fresh design. Furthermore, the ventilation system is now customizable, thanks to multi-positionable vents. will soon be offering helmet-specific chin mounts for both the Neotec 3 and GT-Air 3, allowing riders to capture their adventures from a unique perspective.

The GT-Air 3: A Focus on Enhanced Ventilation

The GT-Air 3 shares some similarities with the Neotec 3, including the internal sun visor and micro ratchet strap. However, the GT-Air 3 features a different visor, the CNS-1C, which also includes central locking.

Ventilation is of paramount importance for full-face touring helmets like the GT-Air 3, and Shoei has made it a central focus in this model's design and construction. New intakes and exhaust ports have been meticulously developed in Shoei's own wind tunnel to optimize airflow efficiency. The operation of the vents has been improved to accommodate glove-wearing riders, and their design has been refined for easier differentiation between open and closed positions. will soon offer helmet-specific Chin Mounts for both the Shoei Neotec 3 and Shoei GT-Air 3, enabling riders to easily mount action cameras or other devices for capturing their rides from unique angles.

Just like its counterpart, the Shoei GT-Air 3 comes in three different shell sizes, accommodating riders from XS to XXL.

Get ready to experience the next level of motorcycle helmet innovation with the Neotec 3 and GT-Air 3 models from Shoei, enhanced by the upcoming helmet-specific chin mounts from

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