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low profile buckle mount attachment for gopro

Why the Low Profile Buckle Mount is that best attachment for your GoPro

low profile gopro buckle mount
The BEST way to mount your GoPro to your Chin Mount.  This Low Profile Buckle Mount will allow you get the best angle for your video!
The Low Profile Mount provides the perfect amount of space for easy adjustments to the angle of your action camera. Unlike the stock GoPro Mount, the Low Profile Mount sticks out that extra bit to provide you with the perfect angle to record all your riding footage.
Great for making a motovlogging helmet setup. The Low Profile Mount clips in quickly and provides an improved interface with your mounted device, and gives you footage that is truly representative of your experience.  

Allows for chin vent to open & close fully as well as visor to open & close fully while camera is mounted.

Also included with your Low Profile Buckle Mount is a thumb screw! This thumb screw allows you to securely connect the Low Profile Buckle Mount with your GoPro. 

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