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Brian Neil Castillo

Now I can explore my rides without limit,
Thank you Chin

Get to use modular function again

I have an HJC i90 modular. I had to use a mount that blocked the front release button with camera attached. Chinmouts had mounts specific to my helmet. I can now use the helmet as designed.

Chin Mount for AGV K1/K1 S
Athanasios Kavourinos

Chin Mount for AGV K1/K1 S

Mount works perfect

Best in class

This is by far the best mounting system out there. I absolutely love the way it contours to the helmet. The quality is superb, I highly recommend this product to anyone who rides.

Was skeptical but it’s perfect

Being 3D printed I thought it would be poor quality, but it works great. I have the very first Shoei rf1400 model and it fits perfect. Nice and solid and not going to come off. Just follow instructions, mainly the heat it up part because it needed to be pliable to fit right.

Another perfect fit!

What can I say, my Chin Mount fits my XD-4 perfectly. The camera angle is only achievable with Chin Mounts. 3 Helmets and 3 mounts and all 3 are a perfect fit. I decided to buy the Ultimate Pack this time and let me say that I am extremely happy with this kit also. Videos incoming soon. Well done Chin Mounts, well done!

It's a perfect fit

Amazing design and fitment for my r420

Perfect fit.

Fits perfectly onto my helmet.

Tiago P

it is a nice product that works well on my motorcycle

2nd time's the charm

I ordered and received a mount that was broken in transit. Upon sending a pic via email, a replacement was quickly dispatched and arrived today. It looks great and will serve me well I have no doubt. Excellent customer service.

Perfect fit and great positioning

Quality product

Quality product, fast shipping, low cost. No complaints here.

Awesome price amazing shipping get service

i am happy

very good 👍


This was a Xmas gift for my son so I don't know yet

Good quality and well designed

Worth every cent

Great design, great usability, excellent product quality and perfect fit. Had to pay ~€11,- for customs (CDN->AUT) but that is a formality, not a product issue.
Can’t wait to take the first shots with that mount!

Chin Mount for Fox Rampage
Jonathan Sepulia
Excellent fit and best camera view

Product feels durable and lightweight, a well-made 3-D print and has a good choice of adhesive on it ready to mount. 100% would buy again on future helmets

Where has this been my whole life?!?

A friend of mine recently mentioned Chin Mounts after I’d complained about my current GoPro set up relying on a bunch of extension arms. So, taking his advice, I picked up one of these for my X.Wed 2. It’s awesome! Installation was a breeze, it sits perfectly positioned on my helmet, and it holds my camera solidly in place. I also appreciate the fact that the thing is 3D printed, which to me makes it even more impressive. I’m definitely going to be sharing this product with my friends!

Chin mount

Very good product. So far so good.👍🏻

Most probably the best camera mount on the market

Very low profile amount very strong perfectly made 10/10 Would recommend

Works great

Pretty strong and and the angle is really good

The item fits right on the helmet. It very strong and it going to last forever

Get this pack if you have a non-GoPro camera! Bought an Akaso camera that came with its own pack of mounts but they didn't match up with the chin mount for the helmet. Thought about modifying the chin mount to work with the mounts that came with the camera but just getting this Action Pack made it easier and I didn't need to accidentally "over modify" it.