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Best Place to Mount GoPro on Motorcycle Helmet 2021

What Is The Best Location For a Helmet Mount?

Where you mount your GoPro on your motorcycle helmet has a lot to do with what you want to get out of it. That being said, the Chin Mount is by the far best location for your GoPro on any helmet. It offers you footage that's truly representative of your motorcycle ride.

For instance, you might want to simply show the road in front of you on the video. A Chin Mount allows the viewer to experience what you see when riding a motorcycle.

On the other hand, you might want to show yourself racing on a track, in which case you want to show the lines, shift points, and the gauges on your bike. Or, maybe you want to show your body position on the motorcycle for educational purposes. With a helmet Chin Mount you'll be able to showcase perfect POV footage.

Chin Mount footage:

The point we are making here is that a Chin Mount is the most versatile mount for a full-face or modular motorcycle helmet. It covers it all and allows the viewer to immerse themselves in your riding footage.


  • This is the closest you will get to a true point of view feel.
  • This is the most aerodynamic place to mount a camera. It won’t create wind drag and it won’t pull the helmet around. (Solves neck pain from a helmet mount)
  • Vibrations from the bike are not going to ruin your footage.
  • We make helmet specific Chin Mounts so you can get the perfect fitting mount for your full-face or modular helmet

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