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How should an action camera fit on a helmet?

A helmet chin mount mount is the best idea when it comes to hands-free shooting with your GoPro cameras. 

Helmet Chin Mounts are the coolest way to make the most out of your action camera and record your motorcycle rides. We have over 60 helmet specific Chin Mounts for full-face, modular, and dirtbike helmets. 

GoPro Chin Mount for a Full-Face Helmet or Modular Helmet

The Chin Mount attaches to the chin area of the helmet to give you self portrait and front-facing POV angles of your ride. With a chin mount your riding shots would look like they had been filmed from your eyes so that the viewers get the most realistic experience. Just attach the helmet mount onto the chin part of your helmet and give it 24 hours to adhere.

It can be easily attached with an external mic mounted within the helmet. The helmet chin mount, which can be conveniently attached and removed from any helmet would give you the best angle for POV shots.


  • The helmet chin mount would let you set your action camera in a low profile position on the front of the helmet.
  • The helmet camera chin mount offers the best POV footage.
  • The helmet specific design guarantees a perfect fit for all full-face, modular, adventure, touring, & dirtbike helmets.
  • It is compatible with all GoPro cameras.

Chin Mount POV footage: 

Find a Chin Mount for your helmet


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