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There are many ways to mount a GoPro to your motorcycle helmet. All of which offer different angles. Unfortunately many of these setups do not provide a quality point of view of what the rider see's.

SIDE MOUNT:                                              TOP MOUNT: 

The problem with mounting a GoPro to the top or side of a motorcycle helmet is that it creates a lot of drag. Think about it... Your motorcycle helmet is designed to be aerodynamic. Putting a big bulky mount that weighs a lot on the side of your helmet is only going to do one thing, give you massive neck muscles. If having a strong neck is your goal it's probably easier just to hit the gym.

 Another common mounting setup is...

The Bracket Mount: 

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A very common way to mount a GoPro to your motorcycle helmet. However, there's a few problems created by the bracket mount. First of all it's heavy, look at all those pieces linked together to support you GoPro. Secondly, it completely blocks your chin vents. Imagine yourself riding on a hot summer day and getting no air flow from your chin vents. Doesn't sound like much fun to me. 

 And last but not least...

The Chin Mount:

By far the best way to mount a GoPro to a motorcycle helmet. Our Chin Mounts are specifically designed to allow your chin vent to open & close fully as well as your visor to open & close fully while the camera is mounted. Chin Mounts provide the best angle for true point of view, clean, clear and steady recording every single ride. The footage is truly representative of your riding experience. Unlike top mounted or side mounted GoPro's, the Chin Mount, provides a clear view of what you, the rider, see's. The Chin Mount provides an immersive experience for the viewer, making it feel like they are behind the motorcycle. Because of this, Chin Mounts are perfect for making a motovlog helmet setup. 









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