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Where is the best place to mount a GoPro on a helmet?

The Best Spot On Your Motorcycle To Mount A GoPro Camera

Camera placement plays a vital role for making every shot capture your riding adventures. Perhaps you just picked up your new GoPro camera and you want to know the perfect location to mount it so you can record your rides. This article is perfect to learn the best mounting tips for a GoPro on your motorcycle or helmet.



What is the Best Mounting Location?

The majority of the motorcycle riders mount their camera on their motorcycle helmet. It’s one of the best spots where you can perfectly film all your surroundings and show what it's truly like to ride a motorcycle. 

The benefit of mounting your GoPro camera on your helmet is that it offers you a perfect point of view (POV). Allowing others to immersive themselves in your footage and feel like they're on the motorcycle.

Mount a GoPro on Chin of your Motorcycle Helmet:

The chin of your motorcycle helmet provides the best point of view (POV). The footage you capture from this spot will give the best view of what you experience. This setup is also the most aerodynamic, resulting in less strain on your neck. 

Chin Mounts makes the best GoPro Mounts for Motorcycle Helmets. Available for many brands such as, AGV, ARAI, BELL, BILTWELL, HJC, ICON, LS2, RUROCSCORPION, SEDICI, SHOEI, VOSS, X-LITE and many more. Find a helmet specific Chin Mount for your helmet and capture your riding adventures.



Step 1.

Test the placement of your Chin Mount. Make sure the Chin Mount sits flush with your helmet. We recommend attaching your action camera to the Chin Mount so you can get an idea how it will sit on your helmet.

Step 2.

Using the provided alcohol wipe, wipe down the application area and let the alcohol dry up.

Step 3.

Peel back the VHB adhesive and heat up the adhesive with a blow dryer or a heat gun so it is warm (NOT HOT). Apply pressure evenly across the Chin Mount for 30-60 seconds when installing your Chin Mount.

Sometimes it's possible for small gaps to appear in between the 3M adhesive and the helmet. This is caused by improper placement or not enough pressure used when applying the Chin Mount. To solve this we recommend heating up the area with a blow dryer or heat gun on low heat and applying pressure onto the Chin Mount again. Repeat until the gap goes away.

Step 4.

Let the 3M adhesive bond with your helmet’s surface for a MINIMUM OF 24 HOURS. The 3M adhesive needs time to cure properly, DO NOT attach your action camera right away. After 24 hours has gone by you'll want to make sure everything is secure. Test the Chin Mount over a soft surface (bed or couch) with your camera attached to make sure the Chin Mount will not come loose when going for a ride.

Got a question about our Chin Mounts? Shoot us an email at and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.
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