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My go-to when it comes to helmet mounts!

I have Chin Mounts on all my helmets, they are easy to install and most importantly they STAY ON!
My favorite is the one mounted on my Suomy SR-GP as it catches my track footage and stays firmly put even when I’m doing 180+

Poorly 3D-Printed Rubbish - Look for Solutions Elsewhere

Order and shipping were acceptable. The product, not so much. See the pictures. It's printed poorly, and the threads inside the shoe mount were bungled as to render tightening the articulating portion impossible. I removed the Chin Mount from my Shoei RF1400 without using.

We have reached out to you via email to process a warranty replacement. Please review your email at your earliest convenience :)

O’Neal Sierra 2

Mount for the helmet works perfect. However the extra attachments I got all seem to cross thread when screwing in. Mount works perfect though.

Hi Shane, please email us a video of the issue you're experiencing with the attachments. This issue would be covered under warranty :)

K1 5/5

I recently purchased the chin mount for my AGV K1 helmet, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. This accessory has completely transformed my riding experience, and here's why I'm giving it a solid 5/5 rating:

Perfect Fit: The chin mount is designed specifically for the AGV K1 helmet, and it fits like a glove. It doesn't interfere with the helmet's vents or visor and it feels like an integrated part of the helmet.

Secure and Sturdy: The mount holds my action camera firmly in place, even during high-speed rides. I never have to worry about my camera shifting or falling off.

Excellent Visibility: The position of the chin mount provides an excellent field of view. It captures the rider's perspective beautifully, making for some stunning footage. Whether I'm on a scenic ride or tackling twisty roads, the camera angle is just right (I also use the action pack).

Easy Installation: Installing the mount was a breeze. The instructions were clear and straightforward, and it didn't take more than a few minutes to set up (Just had to wait 24 hours for the 3M to set). Plus, it doesn't damage the helmet in any way.

Love the mount on my Shoei GT Air

I have an older version of the GT air but even so, the product is designed perfectly and fits great on ever version of the helmet. I started a youtube channel and got 1000 subscribers in about 3 weeks which I attribute at least partially to the product. 115+ temperatures for the last few months in south Louisiana and the mount hasn't budged. Very happy and I'll be back anytime I buy a new helmet. Really appreciate Chin Mounts and their quality!

SE4 Mount

Very secure and well made mount. Customer service is top notch

Airoh Commander

Fits good on Airoh Commander 👍

Good quality

Fits right and looks nice on the helmet

Best mount I've tried

This super mount is super solid. Very happy with my purchase!

Works great!!!!! Definitely recommend it

Contour is a perfect match, easy instructions, mount is secured on the helmet!

I have 4 chine mounts and I love them all.

Fits great and solid on my RF-1400. However I would 100% recommend getting the low profile buckle mount because without it the GoPro will be looking at your tank the whole time as there isn’t enough space to angle the gopro up before hitting the mount/helmet.

Great product, very sticky. Nice & versatile.

Great product, fits helmet well. I found I needed to get extra attachments to get the camera angle right as it was aiming too low.

This is so good! Simple, yet so good! I'm definitely going to get more for different helmets.

Simple to put on the helmet and arrived to Texas in 4 days

Absolutely amazing product. Easy to install on my Shoei X14 and has been a game changer for improving my riding ability on the track. I recommend this product to anyone who will listen and absolutely love being able to review my footage knowing I’m looking where I was looking at the time. 5/5 stars!

Never had an issue with my mounts this is probably the 5th mount I've ordered. I have one on all of my helmets!

So far so good. Have done a couple trail riding days and a couple highway days. The camera stays rock solid in the mount. A great way to have the camera on your helmet without straps going under my visor.

The chin mount mounted well on my helmet,however I used it at a national enduro race and the footage was shaky and hard to watch there’s too much play in the mount, I’m sure it works fine on smooth roads,surfaces,anything bumpy and it’s useless, very disappointing for off road racing!.

Boyfriend loves this little gift I got him! Wanted him to have something on his helmet to record his commute to work because I get worried that something could happen. Better be safe and record just in case

Fits great on my Sena Outrush. Been on several long rides with my GoPro attached with zero problems. Way better than a universal mount that doesn't conform to the curvature of the helmet. Happy with my purchase.

Excellent fit and good qualtiy.
Used it already for several kilometers and it stays were I glued it to... I can recomend this particularly for the SC5. No functional issues with the helmet.