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2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Motorcyclists (Motorcycle Stocking Stuffers)

2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Motorcyclists (Motorcycle Stocking Stuffers)

Start with a Chin Mount Motorcycle Helmet Mount

Chin Mounts offers over 250 helmet specific motorcycle helmet chin mounts. Our Chin Mounts mounts are best suited for anyone who wants reliable, high-quality footage of their motorcycle adventures (who doesn’t?). Made out of ABS plastic and using a weather resistant 3M VHB tape, our motorcycle and mountain bike helmet mounts are not only built to last, they’re also built to withstand just about anything. They’re ultra stable and will not vibrate when you’re on the move. Plus, the added adjustability of our Action Pack accessory kit lets every rider find the perfect viewing angle for their riding style. If the motorcyclist you’re shopping for doesn’t own one of these yet, this is definitely a must-buy present. 


Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mounts

ruroc and agv gopro chin mount by

When it comes to our Chin Mounts for motorcycle helmets, it's important to get the right mount for your helmet as each Chin Mount is helmet specific. We have Chin Mounts for for AGV, ARAI, BELL, BILT, BILTWELL, HARLEY DAVIDSON, HJC, ICON, KLIM, LS2, RUROC, SCHUBERTH, SCORPION, SEDICI, SENA, SHARK, SHOEI, SIMPSON, VOSS, X-LITE, and more coming soon...


Buy a Chin Mount - $35.00

Unsure which helmet they have? No worries...

Get a GIFT CARD and let them decide what to buy!


Action Pack - Ultimate Camera Angle Adjustability (Best Value)

action pack of accessories for motorcycle helmets, gopro grab bag

The best Attachments & Accessories for Ultimate Adjustability. Adjust your camera angle to suit your riding style and motorcycle. This accessory kit is perfect for motorcyclists with multiple different motorcycles. 

Compatible with most action cameras, including GoPro Hero10, Hero9, Hero8, GoPro Max, GoPro Fusion, and its earlier models. Also suitable for DJI Osmo Action, Insta360, AKASO, APEMAN, Campark, SJCAM, etc.  

Buy Action Pack - $19.99


Top Opening Case for GoPro Hero 11, Hero 10 & Hero 9  

The Top Opening Case for GoPro Hero11, Hero 10, & Hero 9 is perfect for anyone who’s already using a GoPro Hero 11, Hero 10, or Hero 9 for their motovlog setup. 

Buy Top Opening Case for GoPro Hero11, Hero 10, & Hero9 - $19.99

We also have a case for the GoPro Hero 5, Hero 6, & Hero 7

Buy Top Opening Case for GoPro Hero 5,6,7 - $19.99


That wraps up our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for motovloggers. Get the perfect gifts to record a motorcyclists favourite hobby. 

motorcycle stocking stuffers for 2021


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