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Why You Should Record Your Riding Adventures - Everything You Need To Know!

Why You Should Record Your Riding Adventures - Everything You Need To Know!

It doesn't have to be the trip of a lifetime. Every motorcycle ride that you take must be recorded due to the benefits of doing so. An increasing number of motorcyclists are making action cameras part of their essential riding gear not just to record memorable journeys, but also for other things. Let’s find out why you too should start recording your riding adventures.

Video Evidence & Safety

Safety is the number one priority when riding a motorcycle. The road is full of threats both known and unknown to us. Being a motorcyclist, you must always be aware of the ever-changing atmosphere around you on the roads in order to stay safe from those crazy, inattentive drivers. In low light conditions like dusk and dawn riders can become difficult to notice, which leads to more accidents and injuries. When it comes to claiming insurance and reimbursement for the damage caused to your body or to your motorcycle, the party at fault usually escapes due to a lack of evidence to back up your claims. When you have a camera rolling on your motorcycle helmet, chances are that you will be able to catch the incident on tape. This visual evidence will help you get the proper justice and reimbursement that you deserve. To make sure that you get everything on recorded we recommend using a Chin Mount made specifically for your motorcycle helmets. Chin Mounts offer the best POV footage of your riding experience, allowing you to capture exactly what you see. 

Having a safety camera on your motorcycle helmet also acts as a deterrent for drivers from fleeing the scene of an accident because they do not want to be caught on tape committing a crime.

Relive Your Epic Adventures

Have you ever been riding and wished you had your action camera so you could relive the memories from your riding aventure? An action camera sitting on the chin of your motorcycle helmet ensures that you don't miss any highlights of your ride. After the trip is over you'll be so happy you made sure to get a Chin Mount for your helmet to record your riding adventures. Now you'll be able to relive the entire trip and share your experiences with friends and family!

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