How to Mount a GoPro to an HJC CL-17

So you finally got your new HJC-CL17 Helmet. One of the most popular helmets on the market. There's only one problem... how do you mount your GoPro to a motorcycle helmet that isn't designed to mount an action camera. Sure, you could mount your GoPro to the side of your helmet with a bracket mount. All this ends up doing is creating a bulky design and an uneven weight distribution, the exact opposite intention of the HJC-CL17. Clearly the best option available is a Chin Mount. 
Chin Mounts created a well balanced, extremely strong, helmet mount designed specifically the for HJC-CL17 helmet.
This mount is made from high quality ABS Plastic, making it the most secure mount for the HJC-CL17 you can find. Once applied to the helmet it complements its sleek design.


Installation is really simple. First, it's recommended to test the fitment with the adhesive liner still on the one side of the 3M tape. The best way to find placement is to align the Chin Mount with the bottom line of the vents on the helmet. Make sure you place your Chin Mount so all the vents on the helmet remain functional. We also recommend attaching your GoPro to your Chin Mount so you can get an idea of how it will look with the GoPro attached.

Once you're content with the placement, it's now time to sanitize your helmet. Using the alcohol wipe provided, wipe down the surface of the helmet where you'll be mounting your GoPro. After your helmet has been wiped down and the alcohol has dried up, peel the remaining adhesive liner off and place the mount on the way you had tested. If you're having trouble removing the adhesive liner we recommend heating it up a bit with a blow dryer, this makes it much easier to remove. Make sure to apply pressure when placing your Chin Mount to make sure the 3M adhesive pad adheres properly.

Now it's time to go for a ride and record the best point of view footage.

If you need further help installing your Chin Mount please email us at or DM us on Instagram @chinmounts.