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How to Mount An Action Camera On A Motorcycle Helmet?


With so many options in GoPro helmet mounts, you might need a little help in choosing the best of the best. Which ones are truly worth the money? Which ones will help you capture great POV footage?

Look no further, Chin Mounts, has been making helmet specific action camera mounts for motorcycle helmets! That means you no longer have to worry about losing your expensive action camera. These helmet specific action camera mounts are extremely secure and offer the perfect fit for your motorcycle helmet. 

Let’s learn some more about Chin Mounts!

chin mounts gopro mounts

Chin Mounts - Helmet Camera Mounts 

    • Mounting Location: Chin of Helmet
    • Mounting Method: 3M VHB TAPE
    • Price: $35
    • Pros: Helmet Specific Designs, Waterproof Adhesives, comes with a FREE safety tether
    • Cons: Cannot be transferred to another helmet as each Chin Mount has a unique helmet specific design
    • Material: Plastic
    • Compatible With: All GoPro cameras, Insta360, DJI Osmo, Yi4k, and many more.

These action camera helmet mounts by, Chin Mounts, are secured easily to the front of your motorcycle helmet. It attaches with a sticky adhesive that can withstand everything from rainy days to high-speed motorcycle winds, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off. As a bonus it also comes with a FREE safety tether strap, you'll never lose your action camera.

These full-face helmet mounts are ideal for POV footage when you’re racing, motorcycling or motocrossing. Record your riding adventures and show your friends and family what riding a motorcycle is truly like!

All things considered, a GoPro Helmet Mount by, Chin Mounts, is a worthwhile investment in terms of GoPro accessories for motorcyclists. It does what it needs to do, and it won’t be difficult to use it. 

Learn how to install a Chin Mount on your helmet.

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