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Ultimate Handlebar Mount Attachment

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Original price $ 39.99 USD
$ 39.99 USD
$ 39.99 USD - $ 39.99 USD
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Introducing the Ultimate Handlebar Mount for Adventure Seekers!

Mount your action camera, whether it's a GoPro, Insta360, DJI Osmo Action, or others, to your handlebars with our durable and versatile Handlebar Mount. Designed with motorcycle, motocross, snowmobile, and mountain bike riders in mind, this mount is perfect for capturing all your adrenaline-pumping moments.

With its hinged design, our mount easily clamps onto different mounting locations, ensuring a secure fit every time. It sets up in seconds, allowing you to focus on your adventure instead of wasting time with complicated setups. The non-slip design keeps your camera in place, preventing slipping and minimizing vibration and camera shake.

Capture your journey from every angle. Our Handlebar Mount offers 360 ° Adjustment to give you the perfect camera angle. Whether you want a first-person view or a panoramic shot, our mount lets you quickly change perspectives for more dynamic and captivating footage.

Our Handlebar Mount fits a wide range of tube diameters (can expand the clamping range to 16-38mm, or with a rubber grommet to reduce the clamping range to 9-15mm), ensuring compatibility with most handlebars. 

No matter your action camera brand, our Handlebar Mount is compatible with popular models like GoPro, DJI Osmo Action, Insta360, AKASO, Crosstour, and more.

Upgrade your riding experience and capture every thrilling moment with our Ultimate Handlebar Mount. Get ready to take your videos to the next level and share your adventures with the world. 

What's Included?
  • 1x Ball with 1/4"-20 threaded screw
  • 1x Dual end extension arm
  • 1x Ball with Clamp Mount
  • 1x Rubber Grommet (required for handlebars 9-15mm)
  • 1x Mount Adapter
  • 1x Thumb Screw
Compatible with:
  • All GoPro action cameras
  • All Insta360 action cameras
  • DJI Osmo Action
  • and many more action cameras
  • Can film vertically for TikTok, Instagram Reels, & YouTube Shorts
  • Perfect for creators and influencers
  • 360° Adjustment 
  • Ships from Canada 🇨🇦
  • Orders received by 9AM EST shipped same day (Mon-Fri)


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Compatible with Gopro, DJI, Insta360, Akaso & more


Fully backed by our 1 year warranty

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One of the primary reasons to opt for a handlebar mount is its easy installation process. No more complicated setups or wasting precious adventure time fiddling with mounts. With a handlebar mount, you can focus on what you do best – riding. A hassle-free installation ensures that you're ready to roll in no time, capturing your thrilling moments effortlessly.



Imagine capturing your adventure from every possible angle. With a handlebar mount's 360-degree rotation feature, you can do just that. Whether you're navigating challenging trails or cruising scenic routes, you can adjust your camera to capture the perfect shot. This flexibility allows you to showcase your skills and surroundings in the best light, making your content more engaging for your audience.